Bloodstained underpants

Tampons stuck to the walls

Homemade pocket pussy (tube sock stuffed inside a jelly jar, lined with a latex glove, secured to the jar with rubber bands, stuffed between the mattress and box spring, with a pillow on the floor to kneel on. The rubber band had several pubes twisted in it)

Several hypodermic needles filled with blood

Boxes of old Danish porn mags (Rodox, Color Climax, and many I can’t name)

A doberman’s head

Dismembered cats

Semen-crusted baby dolls

Soiled adult diapers (found these CONSTANTLY)

A magic marker mural of furry porn completely covering a wall (Sonic The Hedgehog blowing Elmo)

A rubber fist

A car engine

A kiddie pool filled with filthy water

Three dead kittens in Tupperware

Pillowcases filled with poop

A full sized Pepsi machine
(I called the number on the machine, and had it returned to the distributor. When they opened it, they found it fully stocked. With beer.)

A still

A wall plastered with photos of Kirsten Dunst with her eyes blacked out with marker

Goat skulls

A moped

A cat’s hind leg

A chihuahua so rotten, it was fused to the carpet

Photos of the inside of MY room in a scrapbook

A male love doll tied to the bed, dressed like Batman

It pretty much goes on and on like this.