A woman rented a room in my last few months at the hotel. She paid three weeks in advance, requesting a room in a relatively empty and out of the way corner of the first floor.

Over the next several days, I didn’t see much of the woman. She’d pop in once a day with a few groceries, spend an hour or two in the room, and leave. I didn’t think much of it, until one night, the phone rang at my desk.

“Front desk. This is Joey speaki-”


“Ma’am, is everything okay?”

*shaky muttering* “Oh, lawd. . .Jesus Lawd, I done messed. . .no good girl, done lef’ and now I done messed. . .”

“I’m sorry, say again?”

“I said HALP! Sarah done lef’, I done mess, lawd, fell off the bed. You call Sarah, tell that no-good get her country ass back here, lawd, such a turrible mess, SHAMEFUL mess. . .”

“You need assistance, ma’am?”


I grabbed the room key out of the cabinet, and raced down the hall. As I neared the door, I could hear sobbing coming from the other side, punctuated by “Lawd, lawd. . .done messed. . .shameful girl. . .lef’ me ‘lone and I done messed. . .wicked, shameful Sarah. . .Lawd Jesus, done messed it good. . .”

I knocked loudly, announcing I was there, asking if she needed help. No answer, just her batshit mantra, “Lawd, done messed. . .messy, messy. . .Lawd Jesus, help, done messed. . .”

“Ma’am, I’m about to come in. ”

Now, as you probably could tell from the first entry, I’ve seen some fucked up things in this place. I’ve found stashes of kiddie porn Polaroids, mountains of cocaine, dead animals, Mr. Blackstock’s “little friend,” all sorts of vile, sick, heartbreaking things.

Nothing could have prepared me for the sight of a nude, obese, legless woman in her mid to late 70’s writhing on her back on the floor next to a shit-stained bed, caked in fecal matter, tracking a snail-trail of shit on the carpet, scabbed leg-stumps flailing pitifully, franticly trying to scour poop out of her enormous ass-crevice with a once-white pillowcase, softly chanting “Lawd, done messed. . .done fell and messed it good. . .Lawd Jesus, what a shameful mess I done made, yes lawd. . .done messed. . .”

I found out the next day that the daughter had been caring for her senile, dementia-addled mother after her legs were amputated (I guess diabetes), but she decided she wasn’t equipped to provide round the clock care. So rather than put her in a facility where her mother could get the care she needed, she just dumped her, completely alone, unmedicated, helpless, and scared out of what was left of her mind, in a locked hotel room.

For fuckssake, the woman didn’t even have a wheelchair. She was a prisoner on her bed, with a case of bottled water, bags of junk food, a bedpan, and a five gallon bucket to empty it into.

Her cunt of a daughter had the nerve to ask if we were going to bill her extra for the cleaning.